The consultation meeting is the time to discuss your ideas which will form the basis of the design brief and to discuss your budget. I will send you a short questionnaire to complete, ideally before the initial meeting. This will give me an idea of what you are looking for.


During the meeting we will run through the questionnaire and discuss your ideas. We will look at how you would like to use your garden and any particular style or feel you would like to create.  If you have any images of gardens, planting styles, themes or colours that you would like considered in the design, now is the perfect time to show me. I will explain the garden design process to you, so you have a full understanding of the different stages involved.

I will then walk around your garden and assess it from a design perspective taking into consideration the following: soil type and structure, access, views, aspect, levels. After we meet I will draw up a brief for the design of your garden based on our discussions along with a quote for the design services required.

Site Survey

 I will need to conduct a site survey and analysis to produce a scaled plan of your garden and to record all of the relevant information to consider in the design. The survey and site analysis will include:

Measuring the site, building(s), access points, windows and ground levels.

Characteristics of the entrance area: the setting, the soil type, drainage, aspect, views, existing  plants, drains and manhole covers, local building materials and styles. Assessing any views that either need to be enhanced or obscured.Photographing and sketching the site.

If the site is complex I would recommend that a firm of surveyors undertake this aspect of the work.


I will provide a scaled drawing of the proposed layout for your garden showing areas of hard landscaping, planting and features. To help you visualise your new garden, I will provide elevations of certain areas of the garden along with images, photographs, textures and colour palettes of the design.


The planting scheme can be the most important part of the design process as it brings your design to life. The planting scheme will be designed to suit the particular growing conditions of your garden and to complement the design and will provide year-round interest.


A planting plan will be prepared showing the position of each plant, its species and cultivar name as well as the quantity required.  A plant schedule detailing the quantity, botanical name and size of plants required will be prepared and sent to a number of high quality specialist nurseries to quote for supplying the plants.

Once the plants have arrived on site I will set them out and arrange planting for you.